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So the play is done..... I wonder what I will do with my evenings now? C&P has occupied pretty much every spare moment since rehearsals started back on January 3rd. It's going to be strange not having it about.

I am very, very happy with how it turned out. Everything came together very nicely: a great acting company (albeit with some stronger than others), a fabulous back stage crew who did what they had to do with great professionalism, and - in some ways, mos importantly - a top notch lighting designer.

We played to very good houses throughout the run - especially considering that C&P is not a title likely to appeal to our audience demographic (think 70+ and pink rinses) - we were completely sold out on Friday (apparently unheard of) and on Saturdaythere were no more than 3 or 4 empty seats. Overall we averaged about 65% sold - which is good going for February :-)

I'm too knackered to write anything meaningful at the moment - but here's a link to the first review - follow the link on "Reviews".

I do want to mention what the company bought me as a "thank you" - because it is very lovely. I got a copy of Crime & Punishment signed by all the members of the company and - a small lead soldier. But no ordinary lead soldier: in the text, one of the lodgers mentions that he is a former member of the "Prorokanjenski Guard" so someone in the company tracked this down and managed to find a specialist collectible shop which - on special request - imported a model of a Prorokanjenski guardsman from Russia - beautifully modelled and hand-painted. It is a lovely memento - I'm very touched :-)

Now I shall sleep. The strike is done - the stage is cleared and all that remains in a cd rom with 615 photos from the show and a couple of DV video tapes that I have yet to get transferred onto any useful format.

Tired but happy.
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