Jan. 30th, 2006

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I've been on holiday today!!! Hurrah!!! But before you all get too excited - I spent my day set-building down at the theatre. I am now the proud owner of a variety of blisters, splinters and minor cuts and abrasions. Oh, and a back ache.

The trouble is, the set (which I designed - oh foolish me!) calls for the rear half of the stage to be a raised platform around two feet high. On the nifty little set design program I found on t'interweb, constructing this platform was a doddle (it mainly involved, clicking, pointing and pressing enter - with a bit of dragging and "click-to-shape"-ing).

The reality was somewhat different, involving lugging rostra from the Dark Place of Spiders beneath the stage, through a small gap onto the stage and then using frames, braces, trunions, jibs, and joists to hold the whole thing together. Thank Gawd for Bert - the set builder - who is a marvel with an electric screwdriver and has - to my mind - teh Right Way of Looking at Things - "That's a bit of a gap, innit? Doesn't really fit, does it? Nevermind - saw up some of that ply and we'll hammer some in to fill up the space and stick a couple more screws in." Marvellous!

Anyway, after a long, long day that involved assembling twelve 4'x2' rostra, six 2'x2' rostra, four 10'x6' rostra, assorted lengths of 2x4 timber and even some 6x3 and many, many, many screws (two fully charged powerdriver battery's worth) we now have a very solid acting platform for the show offs to strut their stuff on. Hurrah! Tomorrow the flats go up (or possibly Tuesday) but the good news is that it is sufficiently built to start rehearsing on stage right now!

Less than three weeks to go. I feel slightly sick. :-)


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